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Intuitive Readings

Release blocks and barriers to activating your potential.

Clarify your highest path forward.

Receive support from your guides, angels, or ancestors.

Manifest your dreams and desires with ease.

Your Highest Self Knows

There's an infinite part of you that knows how to heal all of your wounds and reach all of your dreams. If you've been feeling stuck, blocked, or like something is missing... it might be time to tune in and listen.

Sometimes we're so caught up in our day-to-day that it makes it challenging to hear this inner-compass. Our intuition can get drowned out by the ego (ex: fears, doubts, and worries) which is much louder than our intuition.


This is when having outside support to reconnect to your highest self and your guides, angels, or ancestors can be extremely helpful.

Even if you're well-practiced in connecting with your intuition or heavenly support team, it can be very helpful to have this unbiased support on occasion. 

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Channeling + Coaching

We'll begin by creating a sacred container with a short meditation to call in your guides, loved ones, angels, and higher power.


They'll be invited to share their guidance with me as a channel for you to hear their wisdom. You'll have an opportunity to share your intention for the session.

 You'll receive any messages that want to come through from your divine support squad (above), as well as the practical wisdom I have from nearly over a decade of working with clients.

Clearing Your Path

Get clarity on the “practical magic” i.e. the energetic alignment and the earthly actions needed to take your manifestation forward.

You'll receive coaching to clear any fears or blocks that might be getting in your way of taking your next steps. 

Finally, we'll pull three oracle cards for you to receive any final messages from your guides, loved ones, angels, and higher power before the close of our session.

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1:1 Sessions for Clarity & Direction from Your Guides

Intuitive Readings are provided individually as a sacred space for you to reconnect with who you came here to be (and the incredible things you came here to do).

Some examples of client focuses that I've worked with include (but are not limited to): 

  • Career/Business: Should I stay at my current job or leave? When should I start my business? What kind of business or offering am I meant to have? How can I get more clients or customers? My work is no longer feeling in alignment, what’s next? I love my job but I don’t love my co-workers, how do I navigate this? And more..

  • Love: Is this relationship right for me? Why haven’t I met my partner yet? Why isn’t he committing? Can I compromise on this in my relationship? How do I realign my relationship? How can I heal and release after this break up? How can I process the grief of losing a loved one or knowing a loved one is terminally ill? And more..

  • Money: What’s blocking me from attracting more abundance? Should I realign my prices or offerings? How can I reach that next level of financial abundance? How can I stop a repeating negative cycle with money? How can I call in more money right now?

  • Spirituality: How can I tap into to my divine support squad? How can I find a daily spiritual practice that will help me attract and manifest my dreams and desires? How I can sharpen my intuition, trust myself more and receive my own intuitive guidance? What past lives am I karmically clearing in this season of my life?

The Details

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Book Your 1:1 Session with Kristeen Ann

Available for New and Returning Clients

*Sessions are conducted via Zoom audio and can be recorded (if you choose) so that you can re-listen and stay on track with the guidance you receive.

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About Me

Kristeen Ann

My intuitive awareness began in childhood when I found myself "knowing" things before they happened (outside of things that a child would be naturally concerned about). The earliest memory I have of such occurrence was around 3 years of age. This was surprising for my loved ones and eventually my peers, which led me to feeling "different" and at times, "weird."

My parents eventually enrolled me in private Christian school, where these types of premonitions and awareness's were frowned upon. Despite this, my capacity to "see" angels, auras, and future realities blossomed. It was confusing to feel shamed because I didn't ask for these gifts, they have just a part of who I am.

Regardless, my friends and family would come to me seeking guidance and advice. In the process, I realized that I could intentionally tune into this sacred place (known as the Akasha) and accessed guides, angels, and loved ones that had passed away.

As an adult, I sought out mentors and teachers that could help me understand what my experience. I worked on releasing fear, shame, and judgments from having to keep my gifts a "secret" in school and in religious environments (that I was often in).

In my late 20's, I became a Clinical Hypnotherapy and Transformational Life Coach, and quietly accessed my intuitive gifts, without directly advertising them. I had to work through barriers to receiving money for "being myself" and helping others on their spiritual journeys. 

I shared this story not as a victim, but to say that it's been a LONG, courageous journey of vulnerability to offer these services publicly. If you or someone you know is working through a similar paradigm, or perhaps you have a young one in your life who is emerging with gifts, I'm so here to support you.

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