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Restoring Your

A guided meditation to help you start healing... 

Do these sound familiar to you at all?

  • Blaming yourself for hard things that happened

  • Not being kind to yourself

  • Enduring inner-conflict to avoid outer-conflict

If so, then this is perfect for you. Within less than 30 minutes, you'll start to release the barriers in the way of seeing yourself compassionately.

After trauma(s), it can be difficult to see ourselves with compassion, which is essential for healing.


Naturally, you may find yourself judging and comparing yourself to who you used to be, or to those around you. You may also feel judged by others around you, which can make it difficult to be loving towards yourself. 


This meditation is specifically designed to help you release these barriers (and any others) in your way of seeing yourself compassionately... so you can heal, naturally.

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