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Redefining Yourself
After Trauma


It wasn't always easy being me. 

I learned to survive my early life experiences by being "nice" instead of honest about how I felt and what I needed.


This "worked" when I was a kid in the 80's, yet left me feeling alone, depressed, suicidal, and afraid to be myself. I (sadly) subconsciously believed, "If I'm honest, I won't be loved."


As an adult, this pattern of "niceness" led me down a dark path of repeated traumas, challenging relationships, and immense pain. 

It wasn't until I had to fight for my life and stop being "nice" that I started to break free. 

Kristeen Ann

Restoring Self-Compassion Meditation

Thank you Kristeen for a life changing session today. I feel 10 pounds lighter after our call. The clarity I have around what was really the “problem” created a shift in me that will result in more peace, more joy, more love for myself and my life. Your nurturing approach was exactly what I needed to heal. ♥️

Marcie M.



"Nice Trauma"

A Workbook to Heal the Conditioning and Trauma that comes with "Niceness"

"Kristeen is a beautiful soul. Just being in her presence will warm your heart, calm your fears and inspire you to reach for your dreams. She has the gift of delivering profound wisdom and insights that will truly change your life."

Debbie B.

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