What thousands of coaching hours have taught me about

the trauma that comes from being "nice"...


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Sunset Romance

"Kristeen is a professional in her field. I felt comfortable and was able to trust and be guided through Hypnotherapy. Eventually was able to gain my confidence and move forward with the issues treated."

Jenny A.

"Kristeen does an amazing job working with individuals and all of our little quirks, or big ones for that matter! I've loved visiting with her and going through the process of hypnosis with goals in mind. I'd recommend Kristeen to anyone, even if you're skeptical of hypnosis, give it a try!"

Kristin A.

"Kristeen is a beautiful soul. Just being in her presence will warm your heart, calm your fears and inspire you to reach for your dreams. She has the gift of delivering profound wisdom and insights that will truly change your life."

Debbie B.