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What if


is your year?

The year you clarify your message and your offerings.

The year you consistently share meaningful content online.

The year you launch the thing that best serves your people.

The year you align your business with your soul's purpose.

You Have Plenty of Ideas

As Changemakers, sometimes taking consistent inspired action towards our mission is challenging.

We get overwhelmed with all of the decision-making, end up second guessing our message and offerings, and the backend tech can feel daunting.

Before we know it, the next shiny idea has us in a trance. When repeated, this pattern depletes our trust in ourselves.

I've lived this story, and have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs world-wide stop this cycle.


We need you - coaches, teachers, creatives, and changemakers - to share your gifts with the world in a way that's aligned with your soul's mission.

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Clarity is Everything

It's natural to attempt to move fast at the start of your business. If we don't over-think ourselves out of our ideas, we start building ASAP.

This excitement can cause us to bypass creating an actionable foundation of clarity that guides the rest of our decision-making.

Yes, you need the traditional types of clarity to run business (ex: what you offer, who it's for, and how much you charge)... and we'll harness that in a way that's FUN.

What many entrepreneurs miss though, is attaining soul-level clarity about their business.


As in the purpose of your creation, how it can help you and the world evolve, PLUS to what internal and/or external challenges you'll need to overcome to manifest your highest potential impact and income.... and more!

Practical + Spiritual

When you combine practical business clarity with spiritual clarity you show up differently.

You're 10 x's or more committed to your path, you confidently communicate and share about your business, you access creative flow with ease, consistency becomes your norm, you bring higher-value offerings to the world, and the abundance you attract feels natural.


Through thousands of sessions with entrepreneurs, owning multiple types of businesses for 20+ years, and working through my own stuff, I’ve learned first-hand what we must know with certainty before we build. 


The best part is that I’ve developed a FUN, deeply satisfying process to help you Crystalize Your Calling, so you can take consistent action towards building it, with confidence.

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The Cocoon: A Spiritual Mastermind for Changemakers

After Coaching hundreds of change-makers around the world for over the past 12 years (and doing my own ongoing inner-work), I developed this sacred process for you to gain deep, actionable clarity about your soul's calling... and start bringing it to life.

Crystalize Your Calling™ is an 8-Week, Live Course designed for online change-makers that includes: 

  • Lifetime Access: You'll have access to everything below PLUS you can join the LIVE course again and again when it runs at no additional cost.

  • 7 Pre-Recorded Modules: Broken down into smaller lessons so that you can learn and implement at a digestible pace - in a way that feels natural and FUN!

  • 8 Weekly, 90 min Live Calls: You can ask questions, get coaching, and dive deeper into the content of the course. *If you can’t make the live sessions, don’t worry! You can submit your questions ahead of time and there will be recordings.

  • Private Course Community: Where you can chat with other students, get feedback on your work, ask questions, network, and be with those "in the arena." This will be held in Skool.

2024 Live Call Schedule

If you can’t make the live sessions, I've got you covered! 

You can submit your questions ahead of time and there will be recordings.

Wednesdays at 6:30pm - 7:45pm MST

July 11th

July 18

July 25

Aug 1

Aug 8

Aug 15

Aug 22

Aug 29

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The Details

Monthly Mastermind Call + Group Channeling Session + Private Community

Enrollment is open through July 10th. We begin July 11th.

Ready to register?
Pick from two early bird subscription options:








Early members receive this lifetime discount.








Early members receive this lifetime discount.

Easily cancel, or change from monthly to yearly (and vice versa) anytime from within your account portal.

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This might be for YOU if you're craving...

  • Deep, soul-level clarity about your soul's highest calling

  • Bringing your calling to life via a business or side-hustle 

  • Clear, magnetic messaging for your online presence

  • Scalable, soul-aligned offerings 

  • Creative flow in your written and/or video content

  • Feedback or other perspectives on your ideas

  • Congruent branding across all of your platforms

This container is NOT for you if... 

  • You only want to figure out how to make more money

  • You only want support with “the how” aka technical part of building your online presence

  • Your business is on “life support”

  • You don’t believe you have a “calling”

  • Your business is part of a franchise

  • You’re in the middle of significant life change(s) or are handling a situation that requires your full, undivided attention

  • Participating in this program would take food off your table or cause financial stress

About Me

Kristeen Ann

My intuitive awareness began in childhood when I found myself "knowing" things before they happened (outside of things that a child would be naturally concerned about). The earliest memory I have of such occurrence was around 3 years of age. This was surprising for my loved ones and eventually my peers, which led me to feeling "different" and at times, "weird."

My parents eventually enrolled me in private Christian school, where these types of premonitions and awareness's were frowned upon. Despite this, my capacity to "see" angels, auras, and future realities blossomed. It was confusing to feel shamed because I didn't ask for these gifts, they have just a part of who I am.

Regardless, my friends and family would come to me seeking guidance and advice. In the process, I realized that I could intentionally tune into this sacred place (known as the Akasha) and accessed guides, angels, and loved ones that had passed away.

As an adult, I sought out mentors and teachers that could help me understand what my experience. I worked on releasing fear, shame, and judgments from having to keep my gifts a "secret" in school and in religious environments (that I was often in).

In my late 20's, I became a Clinical Hypnotherapy and Transformational Life Coach, and quietly accessed my intuitive gifts, without directly advertising them. I had to work through barriers to receiving money for "being myself" and helping others on their spiritual journeys. 

I shared this story not as a victim, but to say that it's been a LONG, courageous journey of vulnerability to offer these services publicly. If you or someone you know is working through a similar paradigm, or perhaps you have a young one in your life who is emerging with gifts, I'm so here to support you.

Questions? Contact me here.

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