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What if


is your year?

The year you consistently take care of yourself, guilt-free.

The year you unapologetically speak your truth.

The year you remember who you came here to be.

The year you allow yourself to bring her to life.

You've Outgrown 

You learned to abandon your needs as a means to survive. You had to find a way to take care of those around you, to earn love, or to stay safe.


Life has changed, yet these patterns run deep. You've tried to focus on yourself and have made some positive changes. However, guilt, self-doubt, or stress still come up when you make choices out of care for yourself.​

You want to live more authentically, end inner-conflict, align your decisions with your intentions, play full out in pursuit of your dreams, trust yourself, and feel lighter.


You're ready to do so without pushing yourself into burnout or disrupting the peace with those you love. 

I'm here to remind you that this is your birthright.

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Everyone Benefits

Sister, in case you're wondering, you're not selfish for wanting to take this journey back to yourself.


You're a modern-day wonder woman who cares for those around her and you may may serve others as a profession.


This pilgrimage empowers you to be a more expansive vessel of upliftment, kindness, confidence, joy and love.

She's Already Within You

What if Maya Angelo had amnesia when she walked this Earth, and forgot that she came here to be a mega-change-maker?


Wouldn't it be great if someone reminded her of the Divine essence and inner-power that was dormant within her?


I believe your own version of innate greatness is already within you. There is no one else for you to become. You deserve to awaken and experience the bliss of being you.

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Your 6 Month, 1:1 Container to Return to Self™

After Coaching thousands of women around the world for over the past 12 years (and doing my own ongoing inner-work), I developed this sacred container for you to come home to yourself.

Return to Self™ is a 6 month, private container designed for women that includes: 

  •  12 Bi-weekly, 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Kristeen Ann: Intentionally created for women on this transformational journey.

  • 12 Hypnotherapy Audios to Listen to Between Sessions: Each one is designed to deepen and support your transformation.

  • Communication Between Sessions with Kristeen: Celebrate your wins and keep up your momentum.

  • Private Client Portal to Track Your Progress: Keep your goals, commitments, notes, and tools in one convenient place (mobile app available).

  • Exclusive Discounts on Live Events and Group Programs: Be the first to know about exciting new offers and get 20% off!

Think this might be a fit? Let's connect!

The Details

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​​12 Virtual One-to-One Sessions + Hypnotherapy Audios + Transformational Tools

Sliding Scale + Payment Plans Available

This might be for YOU if you're craving...

  1. Clarity and direction about your future

  2. Confidence in speaking your truth

  3. Ease and trust in your decisions

  4. Taking care of yourself without guilt

  5. Consistent action towards your goals

  6. Deep remembrance of your purpose

This container is NOT for you if... 

  1. You're battling serious mental health concerns (ex: suicide, psychosis, etc.)

  2. You're in the middle of a crisis

  3. You're in an unsafe environment that you need professional support navigating

  4. You're in need of help with substance abuse

  5. You're recovering from recent, severe trauma(s) and are in need of therapy

  6. Paying this program would take food off your table or cause financial harm

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About Me

Kristeen Ann

I created Return to Self™ for you after many years of doing the deep, ongoing, transformational work to return to myself.

I've worked with thousands of women around the world as a Coach and Hypnotherapist and realized that this is my sacred work; to be a catalyst, guide, and space-holder for women to reconnect with their true nature. 

As a Mother of 3 (now young adults), a Wife, Daughter, Friend, Business Woman, and more, I eventually realized that I was not the General Manager of the Universe.


My "resignation" brought unsettling changes in my life. I wished that I had more unbiased, non-judgmental, intentional support. In reflection, I saw how having someone I could trust to gently guide me forward through the unknowns would have been helpful.

It's been an incredibly rewarding journey walk this path with the women I support. I believe the world heals with each woman who courageously returns to herself. My mission is to create a safer, more loving, sustainable future for those in our wake.

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If this sounds like what you're looking for, let's connect for a FREE 15-minute consultation to see if it's a good fit!

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